Poco's Farm

Our dog Poco


We run Poco's farm as a hobby. It is family run and home to horses, German Shepherd dogs, chickens, a cat, Callie, and a Sheltie, pretty Bonnie. Poco was our top dog whom we loved for 17 years.

Our German Shepherds are from champion bloodlines that are titled/imported DDR German Shepherds (named for the German Democratic Republic known today as East Germany formed in 1949 until 1990), Czechoslovakia, and West Germany blood lines. You can see them and check out seven generations of their bloodlines on the German Shepherds page. They are our companions and are occasionally bred to continue their excellent breed. Our AKC registered German Shepherd puppies excel at being a family pet, companion, protection animal, working dog, or show dog. When we have puppies, they are listed on the drop-down menu titled German Shepherds with their birthdate. Past dams and their puppies may also be listed.

Our rare and beautiful chickens breeding stock are purchased from the finest bloodline stock in the United States and are listed on the Chick/Eggs page. Information on the individual breeds and the cost for chicks, and hatching eggs are listed under each breed illustrated on the page. Chicks can be hatched per customer requests for breed, number of each different breed, and desired date for pickup. However, there is a minimum order of 5 required for baby chicks. Hatching period is 3 weeks for baby chicks and the incubator is normally set on Thursdays.

Our customer's satisfaction is important to us and we thank you for checking us out. We look forward to speaking with you either by phone or by email.